What is YouNG?


YouNG is an initiative run by Rushcliffe Borough Council that is designed to help young people gain the skills and attributes that they need to succeed in the world of work. We look to organise opportunities for young people to gain the valuable experience that will help them to fulfill their potential, as well as providing careers advice and support. 

Our target age range is 14-21 year olds who are starting to consider what they want to do for a career, and our role is to help them exploring their passions for what they want to do rather than what they are expected to do.

Scroll down for more information on what work experience opportunities we offer, as well as information on our upcoming YouNG markets! 


The process - Work Experience



Simply apply to one of our opportunities on the website to start your work experience journey!



We contact you!

If you sign up to our work experience scheme we will contact you, we do all the work, we get you in the work experience role that suits you.


Attend the work experience!

When the YouNG team has found the perfect role for you, you attend the work experience, where you will be supported by us 100% of the way.

Our top interview tips!


Do research about the company, find out what they do in more detail, their main competitors and understand the job role you’re applying for.


Make sure that you dress appropriately for the role you’re applying for. To make a good impression your clothes should always be clean and smart.

Arrive on time

First impressions count, so make sure that you arrive on time, show that you’re punctual which is a soft skill. If you can try and do a practice run to see how long it will take you to get there


Talk about your strengths apply them to the job you’re applying for, there will be many people applying for the same job as you so you have to make sure you use your strengths and make yourself stand out.

Be honest!

There is no need to lie in a job interview, be yourself as you will get caught out in the end.


Make sure you give detailed answers, provide examples where possible with your answers to show your engagement. This way you willfeel more relaxed and it will make the interview feel less formal.


Listen carefully to the questions they ask, you will be able to provide a better answer. If you’re still unsure then do ask the interviewer to repeat the question.

Be prepared

Review and bring an extra copy of your CV, interviews can put pressure on you so make sure that you don’t forget anything important and read over your CV

How to be part of YouNG

YouNG’s recruitment for the seven ambassadors starts when you reach year 9. The YouNG team will give assemblies in your schools to let you know when recruitment opens. You then have to put your name forward if you think that it is the opportunity for. If selected you will then attend a formal interview for the role, where you will be asked competency based questions. We feel is a great experience for you, even if you are successful or not, as it gives you experience of a real interview at a young age.

Meet Our Team


Here you can learn a bit about each of us at YouNG! 

Team Member

YouNG Project Lead

Ben Jackson

YouNG Project Lead
Team Member

Content Manager

Matt Yorke

Content Manager
Team Member

YouNG project lead

Max Emerson

YouNG project lead
Team Member

YouNG Project lead

Sarah Husselbee

YouNG Project lead

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