Iceland 2015

 In July this year, I got the opportunity to experience something unique: a world of geological wonder, of fire and ice...

This year I was offered a place on a South Wolds Academy Geography field trip to Iceland. Being one of only two-year nines it was a daunting prospect spending a week with a new peer group in a country that I knew nothing about. It was my first time ever on an airplane. All my expectations were exceeded.

On the first day the whole group took a trip to the Blue Lagoon, an open-air swimming pool heated by geothermal activity. We covered ourselves in volcanic sulfur (


 local tradition) before 


 the sauna.

With our

 local guide

 on the second day

, we visited


a geothermal power plant. We

learnt that 80% of Iceland is powered by geothermal power.

The third day was the highlight for me. With crampons and ice picks we scaled a real glacier. It was so warm we did it in T-Shirts. We were advised to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the glare of the sun on the ice (Cool!).

Finally we had a day of shopping in Reykjavik and I learnt a curious Icelandic word (Jæja ), which has no literal translation.

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