Dear all year 11's this blog is for you, its full of tips that will help relieve the stress that's ahead of you this year. there will be tough times ahead and if my calculations are correct we have approximately 30 weeks till our exams so take my advise and it will be a less painful, stressful and worrying 30 weeks.

Tip one: make revision cads now, as you come home and the knowledge is fresh in your mind, it saves you spending time during the revision period writing them and therefore allows you more time to revise

Tip two: take notes because even though you think you'll remember, you won't.

Tip three: study groups are brilliant; they mean you can help others and they can help you, just so long as you actually study.

Tip four: your friends and that group chat are going to be there in half an hour when you’ve finished that homework or revision, PUT THE PHONE AWAY!!!

Tip five: when note taking use different colours, it stimulates the mind more and means you’re more likely to remember it and also look at it again when it comes to revising

Tip five: it’s never too early to start revising, little and often, it’s the best way to get a lot in but not all at once so you forget half

Tip six: don’t stress too much, as long as you put in the work what you get at the end will be worth it.

Good luck!


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