Moving and Improving

Whist working at YouNG, we get set homework to do(which we get paid for) each week. This consists of doing three Tweets on the YouNG Twitter page and one blog that we upload onto this website. Here is my weekly blog about how we have improved our writing skills by doing these weekly blogs. 

When we first started off at YouNG, we didn't really know what to write we just wrote about anything! Anything that was happening, anything we were doing. But then we realised that we needed to talk about things that are relevant. For example: work experience is coming up for Year 10's, so there would be plenty of ideas to write blogs on that. You could do a blog on how to find work experience, how work experience helps you; or the top ten tips when doing work experience-which is one that I did! 

So, writing blogs had helped us to come up with different, relevant, ideas that can keep/make people interested. Before I came to YouNG, I didn't really know what a blog was or even how to do one. Even though this job(working for the Young Network Group) is about technology/social media, an involves young people, this just shows that not all young people are good with technology or social media-I didn't even know how to send a Tweet! 

YouNG has helped me develop my understanding of keeping our target audience interested, which has therefore kept my mind moving and improving.  


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