Our Projects

We have recently been working on some amazing projects in YouNG to let people know all about how to stay safe online and the benefits of FairTrade.

On of our recent projects at YouNG has been creating a cyber-safety guide which has been given out in all of the schools in Rushcliffe, helping to educate people about the dangers online as well as how to avoid them and links to websites that they can access to find further information to deal with any issues they might be facing. We have also designed a pen to advertise this project, these will also be given out in schools as a different way of getting this vital information out to young people.

As the current YouNG group we have not only continued with the cyber-safety project but are also trying to increase awareness of FairTrade in our schools. We are currently designing a sticker which we will distribute as a quick and eye-catching way of informing people about all the life changing things that FairTrade does and where they can shop to make sure that those growing or making the produce get a fair wage. We have also made a FairTrade a-z, making it even easier for everyone to find out all of the different things that they currently buy which they could switch to a FairTrade alternative. Make sure you look out for all of this coming up soon.

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