Pedal Power

The great Nottinghamshire bike ride is an event where people can cycle for a charity or just for pleasure along a choice of three distances;the nice and pleasant 25 miles, the slightly more challenging 50 miles or a grueling 100 miles!

Each route will take riders on a journey through some of the most beautiful scenery Nottinghamshire has to offer. The 25 mile course offers a steady paced not too far route for slightly less experienced cyclists looking for a challenge. Perfect for those looking for a gentle ride and fairly new to road cycling. The 50 mile route however, is a little more daunting. This route is rather more challenging so more for keen and slightly more experienced cyclists. However still a very enjoyable day with some challenging climbs but overall a great ride. The 100 mile route however is tough. A great course with tough climbs, great roads and some opportunities to pick up tremendous speed if you are an experienced cyclist looking for a challenge then this is the route for you!

So get on your bike and if you have already entered good luck but if not look for more events near you or get training for next year.


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