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As many of you will be aware, presentation skills are incredibly important in today’s working environment, highlighted in this blog are my top 5 tips for how to excel at presenting. This can be extremely helpful both during preparation for interviews but also in later working life - click below for more information!



On Wednesday evening, the YouNG ambassadors had their weekly meeting and completed 2 minute presentations about a topic of their choice and received feedback on their presentations how they could improve in future. In light of this, we thought it’d be handy to cover our top 5 presentation tips that were highlighted by last night’s session:

1.Relax – the tendency of many people is to rush in to a presentation and start talking so quickly that the audience can’t take in the information you’re delivering to them. It is especially important to take your time and compose yourself before you start speaking so your presentation is delivered in the most effective way possible.

2.Eye contact- Engaging your audience by looking at them and they are less likely to lose interest.

3.Fidgeting- The audience can become distracted if the presenter starts to mess around with their clothing or anything else they have to hand.

4.Preparation- In order to deliver a professional presentation, you must have all the facts, figures and graphs to justify the points you’re trying to get across to your audience. Also, with the majority of presentations, you’ll be asked questions afterwards so make sure you’re prepared to answer potential questions so you’re not left panicking when you don’t know what to say.

5.Rehearsal- It is important to practice your presentation as many times as you can before you actually deliver to your audience – this will help you relax (see tip 1) and will also mean you know exactly what you’re going to say and when you’re going to say it.

If you follow all these tips then your presentation is likely to be a success, remember to try to combine all of above if possible and most importantly have fun! The more you enjoy your presentation, the more likely your audience is to remember and enjoy it themselves.


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