Pros of being a stallholder

Why become a stall holder? 

Well, there are many, many positives in becoming a stall holder. Read on to find out more!

If you decide to apply we will ask you to write a short business plan about your stall, on the day your stall will be judged and the winning one will be invited to come with YouNG on a trip to Rome to participate in a YouNG market happening there. Better still, all flights and accommodation will be paid for! The trip will take place around mid to late October this year. 

Not only this but you can again lots of skills if you become a stall holder. Here are a few:

  1. organisation skills when you're preparing your products. 
  2. Business skills when you're selling. 
  3. Management skills if you're leading your team; and many more! 
Another positive is that you get to keep ALL the money you make for yourselves, you don't have to give any of it away! 

Also if you're interested in the business side of things and are thinking of possibly becoming an entrepreneur than holding a stall at our next summer young market gives you an excellent opportunity of experiencing what it is like to run your own business and gives you a further idea if that is the career for you.

Lastly, holding a stall at a market is something which will look great on your CV as it gives you an experience most people might not have.

So, make sure you apply for a stall on the young website and you never know, maybe you could be the one who wins a trip to Rome!


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