Super stalls at our next YouNG Market!

Our Christmas market is fast approaching, Saturday 21 November in fact and we are going to have some amazing stalls on the day!

Bethan Furniss from the  from the Colonel Frank Seely School  is holding a fantastic sounding stall called'Food Squared' and she is selling delicious food and refreshing drinks. Be sure to take a look!

Sam Hewitt who is also from the Colonel Frank Seely School is holding an interesting sounding stall named 'Carbon UK' which is selling very useful carbon holder money clips and card holders. So if you are always loosing cards or sick of seeing them all over the place, take a look at Carbon UK!

Alyiah Zafer from the West Bridgford School is selling appetising cupcakes, muffins and biscuits, so if you're feeling peckish you know where to look!

Grace Campbell from the West Bridgford School is holding a fun sounding stall called'fizz' she is selling bath bombs. So if you're hunting for Christmas presents drop by Grace's stall!

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