The Next Step

The last week of school at Toot Hill for year 10s was spent visiting Universities and the Toot Hill College to find out more about the further education options open to us when we leave school at the end of year 11.

The year group was split into three, with the week's activities varying slightly between each group. Everyone had the opportunity to visit and stay over night in the student accommodation at either York, Leicester or Loughborough University, giving us all a great insight into what university life would be like should we chose to pursue it. All three of the groups also had a day trip to Cambridge University in which we were given a tour around some of the colleges and faculty buildings by a student and went punting down the River Cam, it was a fun and aspirational day. We also spent a day at our school's college, finding out about some of the different subjects you can study which may not have been available at GCSE such as psychology and politics. 

Throughout the week we all learnt lots about how we can further develop our education when we finish our GCSEs next year, making it a really worthwhile experience.

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