We all have a role to play

Performing, stall holding or coming along for the fun? Then you may need to know the right people to talk to! We all have our jobs in the team so you will know who to talk to if you need us, and what we will be doing throughout the day.

Within our team of seven we have been split down into three smaller groups to deal with the key areas of the market so it runs like clockwork. These three groups are... Stall holders, performers, and promotion. There is Jack and Lola on performers, Joe and Samantha on stall holders and Aalia, Lizzie and Charlotte on promotion. We work together in our small groups to get things done, and communication is a big part of that. But we also work as a big team of seven to make sure we are all on track and know what need to be done to get prepared for the market! We have so far spent two full sessions starting to plan the market, so keep your eyes peeled for this year's posters around your schools and local areas. And follow us on Twitterand Facebook to keep up to date with all the news on the YouNG market! 

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