What happened last week?

Last week at YouNG we met Sheridan a 3D printing enthusiast...

Last week at YouNG we had a man named Sheridan come in to talk to us about 3D printing, which was very interesting. He talked to us a bit about how his company started and also how 3D printing came about. He also showed us some videos about what it's being used for currently and also how it might be used in the future, as well as the different methods of 3D printing that are currently being used. We then used some software and designed our own key rings which were then 3D printed for us to keep as well as a little 3D printed robot mascot. We found the session really interesting, Sheridan will be running some courses like the one we had over the summer. If you get the chance, I recommend that you should definitely try and go along to one and see what it is all about! 

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