Jennah and Claire's week of work experience

We’ve had a busy few days at Rushcliffe Borough Council!

We’ve had a busy few days at Rushcliffe Borough Council! From dreaming up enterprising schemes for this very project to observing how the council manages its finances, it’s been an interesting week in many ways.

On Monday, we spent the day researching jobs for the YouNG project’s career guidance, analysing the social media and finding team-building activities for the YouNG ambassadors. It was good to make a direct contribution to such a worthwhile cause, as well as learning something new.

On Tuesday, we were sent to different departments; Jennah spent the day in Comms, writing articles and social media posts to advertise Rushcliffe’s many events and fun days out. I(Claire) spent the morning in Revenues and Benefits, getting to grips with the complex laws behind taxes and benefits and seeing examples of real life cases. In the afternoon, I was in Finance, learning about the variety of different roles they have and how they maintain the council’s funds. This knowledge will almost certainly be of use to me in the future, in everyday life as well as potentially in my career.

Wednesday morning was spent in Comms again, researching how councils across the UK use video and YouTube as a way of interacting with residents in today’s tech-based world. I also gave some advice from a teenager’s perspective on the best type of video, the easiest way to get it seen by people and the platform to use. The afternoon was spent in Exec Support, helping plan the Chief Executive’s staff party as well as doing some short pieces of writing. It was interesting to learn about the variety of office jobs undertaken here.

On Thursday, I (Claire) spent the day in Comms, researching how various district councils use YouTube as part of a plan by that department to introduce younger people to the organisation. This was good as it was media-related, which is a business path I am quite interested in. I (Jennah) spent the day in Revenues and Benefits, learning about taxes and benefits as Claire did earlier in the week.

I think a definite positive of our week here was the variety of different work we produced and the number of departments we visited – from my friends’ experience, most work experience is less varied. A drawback was that some of the work we did wasn’t particularly challenging, albeit useful.

Claire and Jennah

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