YouNG and Your Business


Employers say that young people lack the key skills that industry is seeking. This is something that YouNG wants to address. 

Who We Are


The YouNG project aims to increase the employability of young people within Rushcliffe and the surrounding areas by bridging the gap between young people and employers. Through our arrangement of mutually beneficial work experience placements, we aim to enhance the skillset of the employees of the future.


The Benefits of Work Experience


New Ideas

Young people can often bring a fresh perspective to employers and utilise their creativity in order to come up with new ideas and ways of working.

Cope with Demand

work experience placement can be exceedingly valuable at times of high demand, allowing a young person to participate in a meaningful project that will improve their skillset whilst allowing employer deadlines to be met.

Development Opportunities for staff

A work experience placement gives the chance for your staff to develop by having real, short-term management experience.

Free promotion

Directly raise the local profile of your business amongst young people, schools and businesses through word of mouth, increasing the amount of potential customers to your organisation.

Future talent

By taking them on a young person for work experience, you have a unique opportunity to inspire the brightest talent to come directly to you when they begin their career!

Corporate Responsibility

By providing Young People with a Work Experience placement, your Business will be taking an active role in improving the employability of young people in the Local rea.

We are offering young adults the opportunity to develop strong foundations for when they enter the world of work. The ideal way to do this is by offering a variety of work experiences, apprenticeships and industry days. With your support as a business, we believe we can make it happen; by giving young adults the transferable skills required to succeed in today’s competitive job market and possibly even as a future employee of your business.

What YouNG Offers


Specialism in Work Experience

Specialism in work experience: Arranging work experience is the YouNG team’s main priority, allowing us to continually deliver high quality placements that meet the needs of both the employer and the young person.


Efficient Process

Our process works whereby a young person contacts us requesting work experience, they fill in an application form and an informal interview is arranged. Following this, an employer is contacted and if availabilities align, placement details are drafted, confirmed and a placement is completed.


Simplified Paperwork

In order to host a work experience placement, the only paperwork YouNG asks for is a short form with details about the placement and a risk assessment to ensure safety of the young person during their placement shortening the bureaucratic burden for employers.

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Targeted Work Experience

Our informal interview with each young person allows the YouNG team to ‘match’ each young person with an employer and placement role that suits their skillset, thus maximising their engagement.


Continuous Support

The YouNG team offers support to employers before, during and following each work experience placement to answer any questions, which helps to eradicate any issues that may arise.

Meet Our Team


Here you can learn a bit about each of us at YouNG! 

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YouNG Project Lead

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YouNG Project Lead
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