YouNG goes Euro!


YouNG Goes Euro


YouNG has been successful in securing funding from Erasmus+! We have worked closely with our partners at NGi (UK) Limited to secure over €300,000 to start developing the project in other European countries!


This success also means that we will be able to offer young people within Rushcliffe the opportunity to learn about international trade as well as what it takes to market and sell a product and/or business idea in an international market.


As well as NGi (UK) Limited, we will be working with partners from Italy, Poland and Slovakia to showcase the YouNG project in these countries and support them in developing opportunities for young people within Rome, Poznan and Bratislava.


The project, which has been based upon the YouNG Markets & their objective of developing an enterprise culture in young people, will support this activity by developing a unit of learning for 'International Enterprise'.YouNG Markets already attempt to encourage young people to set up their own business and sell their own products within the UK. 

YouNG Goes Euro will introduce a programme that encourages students to take it one step further, where they market their good or service for sale within the European Union. Therefore they must consider different markets, different routes to market, business culture, language and currency.

A number of young people will also get a unique opportunity visit the partner countries and attempt to sell their products at markets within Rome, Poznan and Bratislava! If you are interested in this opportunity, then stay tuned to YouNG for future announcements!

The project started on 31st December 2015 and is scheduled to last over 32 months. It is being led by NGi (UK) Limited; a local West Bridgford based company who specialise in developing programmes that provide young people with the skills, knowledge and opportunities to develop positive life skills in real working situations.They are also working with Gedling Borough Council on a similar project with a focus on Apprenticeships and Small & Medium Sized businesses