YouNG Goes Euro to Slovakia!


On Wednesday 8th November – Sunday 12th November a group of YouNG entrepreneurs and accompanying chaperones set off for an international market located in Slovakia. The trip was to provide essential experience in developing and trading products in an international environment and also to learn, understand and experience different foreign cultures.

After a previous full days travelling from Nottingham to Martin, the 5 YouNG entrepreneurs were involved in a classroom based session learning best how to adapt their products but also very importantly the difference in rules and regulations for selling a product in Slovakia compared to the UK. Using all the knowledge gained form the workshop, Friday 10th November saw the YouNG markets open for business with the two companies Blank Co and Wick selling their wares on the international market in celebration of St Martin’s day. Each team performed well managing to shift large levels of stock and make over €160 collectively.

Throughout the trip all participants were thrown into the Slovakian culture. Involving tasting the local cuisine to discovering the local heritage at the museum and even attending a traditional sausage festival really indulging into what the Slovakian Culture had to offer.

Overall everyone from the participants to the chaperones learnt a great deal and really was an eye opening experience into the ever changing world of international business. Without trips like this it is exceptionally hard to develop an understanding of how business outside of the UK takes place.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our Slovakian hosts for a fantastically well organised trip and also making us feel at home throughout our stay in Martin.

Roll on December where all international participants from Italy, Poland and Slovakia will be traveling to Nottingham to take part in our YouNG Christmas Market taking place on Central Avenue in West Bridgford on Saturday 2nd December!