voice outreach poster

New project - Voice outreach

If you're interested in media, journalism or art then this is for you!

On 15th January 2019, YouNG held it's first meeting in collaboration with a project called Voice Outreach. This project aims to give young people like you a voice by enabling them to write about gigs, films, art exhibitions and have them uploaded to https://www.voicemag.uk/. Voice is a national platform which has had over 1300 posts uploaded this year alone, they are Youth Media Partner with England's largest arts festival - Brighton Fringe - and young people participating in this project will have the opportunity to get involved on a longer term if they like. This is a great opportunity and participants will receive:

  • Financial support with transport
  • Free tickets for the varying shows etc that they wish to go to
  • Free support and training on how to write reviews and support from other contributors
  • The opportunity to explore what’s on in their local area and beyond

Ideally participants will be aged 16+ as they will be responsible for getting to and from the venues (although as mentioned above transport can be covered financially). If you are interested, email: young@trentbridge.co.uk