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YouNG Ambassadors 2020 final thoughts

The end of an era!

Our Ambassadors have been with us since September 2019 and have just finished their year working with us. You may be wondering about the ambassador role and may have some of the following questions aout their experience as an ambassador:

What did they learn? Did they enjoy their time as a YouNG Ambassador? Do they have any tips for the next set of YouNG Ambassadors?

If you were curious, then wonder no more as these questions have been answered by the Ambassaors themselves:

Kieran Cooper - South Nottinghamshire Academy YouNG Ambassador said the following

As an ambassador I have learnt how to adapt to problems and organise events. I have also learnt how job interviews work. I have also learnt to be more confident in what you do.

My advice would be if you believe in an idea, share it and others might also believe in that same idea

Joel Bingham - Toot Hill School Ambassador 2019/20 explained his key learning points:

The key things I have learned through being an Ambassador are confidence, how to be more resilent and organised. I have also learned how to run events.

My advice for future ambassadors would be to speak up and not be afraid - If you have something to say that you feel is pertinent then just say it

Juliet Perkins - West Bridgford School YouNG Ambassador 2019/20 really enjoyed her time as an ambassador and has said the following:

I've learnt how to speak more confidently in front of groups and the norms of working in a workplace. Another key learning point for me has been how to prioritise workload between school and work as well as how to do basic marketing and promote via social media in a professional manner. 

My tips for the new ambassadors is just get stuck in and try and get as much back from this as you can by always getting involved in everything

All of the YouNG Ambassadors for 2019/20 have been amazing and have enabled YouNG to get out there even further. Watch this space for the details about the next set of YouNG Ambassadors!