The types of work experience we offer

The YouNG Project can help to prepare you for the future world work by giving you an insight of real life business through three different types of Work Experience across a variety of sectors:

  1. Traditional Short Term Work Experience- This is the most common type of work experience which usually lasts one or two weeks during the school holidays or a date agreed with your school/higher education institution.
  2. Long Term- This type of work experience is more common in older students studying at university or doing their A –Levels wanting term/year internships. This is the same concept as the short term placements however they may last for several months of even a year.
  3. Snapshot Work Experience- This type of work experience lasts just for one day but it gives you the chance to have a tour of a business so you are able to understand the ins and outs and the variety of future experiences available.

Virtual work experience

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the YouNG Project has created a series of virtual work experience placements for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home! These are called "Careers Talks Live" and are all available on Youtube. Each episode is a 25-40 minute exploration/summary of one particular career pathway including insight about:
- What the career is
- How you can get in to that career
- What’s helped each person get to where they are today

We have tried to interview people from a wide range of sectors. Check out the links below for virtual work experience in these sectors:

We offer work experience in any sector and always do our best to find work experience that is most suited to you and your future career aspirations. If you are interested in applying for work experience please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible


New Ideas

Young people can often bring a fresh perspective to employers and utilise their creativity in order to come up with new ideas and ways of working.

Cope with Demand

Work experience placement can be exceedingly valuable at times of high demand, allowing a young person to participate in a meaningful project that will improve their skillset whilst allowing employer deadlines to be met.

Development Opportunities for staff

A work experience placement gives the chance for your staff to develop by having real, short-term management experience.

Free promotion

Directly raise the local profile of your business amongst young people, schools and businesses through word of mouth, increasing the amount of potential customers to your organisation. YouNG also works to promote your business via social media and through our networks, creating a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Future talent

By taking on a young person for work experience, you have a unique opportunity to inspire the brightest talent to come directly to you when they begin their career!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

By providing young people with a work experience placement, your business will be actively engaging in improving the employability of young people in the local area - an accolade that looks great on any business' social media.
Our aim is to develop the skillset of young people for when they enter the world of work, whilst supporting local businesses at the same time. With your support as a business, we believe we can make it happen and who knows, maybe that young person you gave a chance could become your future employee?

The process - work experience


Simply apply to one of our opportunities on the website to start your work experience journey!

We contact you!

If you sign up to our work experience scheme we will contact you, we do all the work, we get you in the work experience role that suits you.

Attend the work experience!

When the YouNG team has found the perfect role for you, you attend the work experience, where you will be supported by us 100% of the way.

How to be part of YouNG

YouNG’s recruitment for the seven ambassadors starts when you reach year 9. The YouNG team will give assemblies in your schools to let you know when recruitment opens. You then have to put your name forward if you think that it is the opportunity for. If selected you will then attend a formal interview for the role, where you will be asked competency based questions. We feel is a great experience for you, even if you are successful or not, as it gives you experience of a real interview at a young age.

Interview tips

Do research about the company, find out what they do in more detail, their main competitors and understand the job role you’re applying for.
Arrive on time
First impressions count, so make sure that you arrive on time. Do your research and do a test run on how long it will take you to get there.
Ensure you know your strengths and can apply them to the job you’re applying for, there will be many people applying for the same job as you so you have to make sure you use your strengths and make yourself stand out.
Be honest!
There is no need to lie in a job interview, be yourself as you will get caught out in the end.
Make sure you give detailed answers, provide examples where possible with your answers to show your engagement. This way you will feel more relaxed and it will make the interview feel less formal.
Listen carefully to the questions the interviewer asks, you will be able to provide a better answer. If you’re still unsure then do ask the interviewer to repeat the question.
Be prepared
Review and bring an extra copy of your CV, interviews can put pressure on you so make sure that you don’t forget anything important and read over your CV as interviewers will often ask you questions based on it.

Work Experience Application Form

YouNG tailored the placement to suit me and my interests perfectly and I was given the right amount freedom when doing tasks.
Annalise, 22
Work Experience given me a lot more knowledge about technology and I have gained so much confidence in a week which will help me in my future career.
Muktadir, 14